About us

Welcome to AULRE.org.uk! We are the Association for University Lecturers in Religion and Education (AULRE), a dynamic and growing community of academics, researchers, and professionals in the United Kingdom committed to the development of education and research in the field of religion and education.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the best of religion and education through academic excellence, research, and collaboration. We strive to create an inclusive and diverse community where our members can share their knowledge and expertise, and contribute to shaping policy and practice in the field of religion and education.

Our History

AULRE was founded in 1972 and since then our organization has grown to include members from diverse backgrounds and specializations. Our members come from various disciplines such as theology, philosophy, sociology, and education, and represent both universities and colleges in the United Kingdom.

What We Do

As an association, we are involved in a wide range of activities aimed at promoting education and research in religion and education:

  1. Networking: We provide opportunities for our members to collaborate, exchange ideas, and learn from each other through conferences, workshops, and online events.
  2. Publications: We support and encourage the publication of high-quality research in the field of religion and education, including through the publication of our own academic journal and promoting publications by our members.
  3. Policy-making: AULRE actively works with policymakers, government agencies, and other stakeholders to advocate for the interests of our members and improve the quality of religious education in the United Kingdom.
  4. Professional Development: We offer professional development opportunities for our members, such as training and workshops on research methods, teaching practices, and policy-making.
  5. Research Projects: AULRE members are involved in various research projects, ranging from small-scale studies to large-scale international collaborations.

Becoming a Member

If you are interested in promoting academic excellence and research in religion and education, we invite you to join our growing community. As a member of AULRE, you will have access to a network of experts, as well as opportunities to develop your own knowledge and skills.